*sits outside Freya’s apartment*


*doesn’t say anything for a moment, but then clears his throat and asks her* What are these boxes for?

-hops off the bed with a gasp and kneels in front of it; lifts up its ‘skirt’(?) to see Thomas- Excuse you! There’s private stuff in there -pushes the boxes away from him- 

r: Thomas Cambron;  IF HE FOUND HER JOURNAL SHE'D DIE;  
*sits outside Freya’s apartment*


I didn’t know if I was allowed to talk or come out. 

Usually Lloyd takes a shower when he gets back home but I can’t hear anything…

r: Thomas Cambron;  
*sits outside Freya’s apartment*


*starts looking under the bed and finds another box and a small journal; looks at the items but doesn’t open anything* 

-goes to sit on the edge of the bed, trying to hear Lloyd’s whereabouts but then remembers Thomas; whispers- …You’re awfully quiet down there.

r: Thomas Cambron;  Hoping to ;);  
*sits outside Freya’s apartment*


*goes silent again; brushes his hand against the picture box at one point and looks at it curiously* 

-mutters to herself- Rule of third… He’s bound to come again…

r: Thomas Cambron;  Teehee :3;  I'm okay too: I'm sick you see;  Very sick;  
*sits outside Freya’s apartment*


*also whispering* I panicked. 

You’re officially the person with the weirdest reactions in regards to any type of stress… -rolls her eyes and footsteps approach again-

Lloyd: -opens the door- Uh, yeah, the TV was closed and I’m still hearing voices! -stares at her-

Freya: Lloyd, it’d be really great if you knocked before entering, you know? -gets up- And we have neighbors who have lives too, you know? Not everybody is asleep at this time of night…

Lloyd: -squints his eyes- …You’re up to something, aren’t you?

Freya: -stammering- N-No I’m not, now s-stop and go away!

Lloyd: -huffs and leaves-

r: Thomas Cambron;  dayum son that was quick *wink wonk*;  also just assume she's whispering unless I say so teehee;  HOW ARE YOU?;  
*sits outside Freya’s apartment*


*doesn’t move or say a word*

-sighs of relief when the door closes; still whispering- Why did you have to bang yourself around for?

r: Thomas Cambron;  I CANNOT SEE THE TAGS SO HAI;  
*sits outside Freya’s apartment*


*whispers back* Hiding. *is panting but then tries to suppress it when he hears Lloyd’s voice*

Freya: -whispers again- Well, you’re doing a terrible—

Lloyd: -walks in her room at this instant- …Who are you talking to?

Freya: -gasps in surprise, turning her full attention to Lloyd- N-No one… No one at all, why?

Lloyd: -glances around her room- I heard voices.

Freya: Probably just the TV? I think I left it on, you should go check! 

Lloyd: …okay -closes the door as he leaves-

r: Thomas Cambron;  HAHAHA! Imagine if Freya kept pics of rando strangers under her bed that's gotta be creepy;  
friends;  maia;  d'awww;  I tried my best;  
mirror;  I legit reblogged every single pic of her I feel so it's a struggle finding a good one to reblog;  
*sits outside Freya’s apartment*


*drops to the floor, banging his bad shoulder, then frantically crawls under the bed, hitting his head on her bed frame; grits his teeth, trying not to yelp out in pain* 

-does that loud whisper thing- What the fuck are you doing?

Lloyd: -in the distance- Freya? -steps coming closer and closer-

r: Thomas Cambron;  idk;  Logically when it's painful it's even better when it gets fixed;  Usually I mean;  oh well idk how long he'll stay under there maybe he'll get bored;  
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